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Dear Visitor,

The primary objective for ALEHA is being a competent partner to discuss and solve your SOLIDS PROCESSING & HANDLING problems.

The years of experience of our own employees together with the thoughtful selected suppliers must make this possible.

The second objective is what everybody says, but what ALEHA wants to be known for, namely QUALITY, SERVICE and FLEXIBILITY.

To reach a high QUALITY level a big part of the job is done by selecting the correct manufacturing partner.

SERVICE is just an ALEHA mentality that our customers can feel in even our smallest actions.

FLEXIBILITY is of course close to service but you can also find it in the (flexible) solutions ALEHA can offer due to the most complete solids program in the Benelux.

Whether your interest is more Pharma, Food or Chemical, may be more Mineral or Nuclear or whatever other solids are involved, please be invited to examine the summary of our ALEHA program further in this Web-site .