A specially designed feeder transfers the wet material into the grinding section of the dryer. The impact action of the grinding rotor disperses with tip speed from 50 up to 110m/s the wet material into fine particles.

  • The Micron dryer or called also Drymeister is a unique flash dryer using hot air or nitrogen or steam as drying media and combines three unit operations
  • Drying, Grinding and Classifying in one machine
  • Dry fine powders with uniform particle size distributions in one step with the following products:
    Wet powders with agglomerates, Filter cakes, Press cakes after press filtration, Slurries, Thixotropic material, Wet grinded nano particle products, …
  • Gentle dispersion, milling or for suspension and sticky/viscous liquids, high dispersion
  • Classifier wheel allows controllable production of (very) fine powder
  • Adhesion free even for solutions, slurries and pastes
  • High capacity incorporates up to 6 – 8 T/h water
  • Energy efficient operational plant: Data have proven that this concept requires less energy in comparison to any other system with consumption of lower than 1 kW for evaporation of 1 kg water/h.
  • Compact design
  • Also heat sensitive products due to short residence time
Micron Flash Dryer
Micron Flash Dryer
Thermal Processing

Thermal Processing

Micron Flash Dryer